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Level I Electrical Certification

Learn everything you need to get started as an infrared thermographer the right way with the Infrared Training Center’s Level I/Category I Electrical certification course, Fundamentals of Infrared Thermography. In this certification course, you’ll learn how infrared cameras create and capture images, how to take accurate temperature measurements with an infrared camera, and all of the foundational science you’ll need to get the most out of your camera. Plus, you’ll discover how to conduct safe thermographic inspections in a variety of common use cases and create basic reports so you can share your findings with team members, customers, and other stakeholders. In short, a Level I/Category I Electrical certification gives you all the tools you need to begin your journey as a safe, capable thermographer, getting the most value out of your investment in infrared cameras and adding tremendous value to your organization or business.

What you will learn?

  • The factors that make thermal images look the way they do and how these factors influence temperature measurement accuracy.;

  • Infrared image analysis and interpretation techniques.;

  • The basics of infrared science concepts such as emissivity, reflected apparent temperature, heat transfer, and the influence of the atmosphere.;

  • Inspection technique fundamentals, including advice on data collection, how to approach electrical inspections, using fault severity criteria, and important safety considerations. ;

  • What information to include in a report and how to use thermal analysis software to quickly create simple, easy-to-understand reports.;

  • Hands-on exercises that allow you to gain practical experience by applying the theoretical concepts taught throughout the week.;

  • Vital application-specific insights for electrical inspections along with a review of example imagery and inspection scenarios.  ;

What’s included in our course fee?


  • Live Course Instruction for 4 Days (8hr. sessions each day)

  • Instructional Course Manual

  • Hands-on Practical Lab Exercises

  • Certification Exam

  • Certification Documents


  • Students who complete all training course requirements receive a Level I Electrical Infrared Thermography Certification.


  • Continuing Education Credits: ITC: 24 CEU's NETA: 16 Continuing Technical Development Credits (CTDs)

As a global organization supporting a range of industries and applications, we acknowledge and adhere to the standards provided by the American Society of Non-Destructive Testing (ASNT), the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT), and the International Standards Organization (ISO). Specifically, we follow ASNT SNT-TC-1A & CP-105 for North American courses, BINDT CMGEN appB for United Kingdom classes, and ISO 18436 & 9712 for courses conducted in Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Our understanding of the importance of a quality education and our compliance with common NDT standards are just some of the reasons why Infrared Training Center certifications are recognized globally as the industry gold-standard.

What do you need?

IR Camera

Students will be required to complete various labs & exercises throughout the duration of the course. You may also rent one.

Learn more


Examinations will be administered electronically. Tablets are also acceptable.

IR Reporting Software

Please have software installed. Software can be used to assist with many of the camera lab exercises.


What others have to say about our trainings

I wanted to express my thanks for not only teaching the material but expressing a genuine interest in the questions that were presented to you. The class was excellent, and you guys made it easy and enjoyable to learn the material.

Image of M. P.

M. P.

Online Certification class

Thank you for doing such a great job with the OGI 1 Training course. This is one of the most interesting courses I have attended with both content and the great job you did with instruction!

Image of R. C.

R. C.

Optical Gas Imaging Certification class

Thank you for the great training. I found it very informative. After performing thermal imaging for a year and a half, it was nice to understand the "whys" of IR and not just do it like this because that's how I was trained.

Image of A. M.

A. M.

Level I Electrical Certififcation class



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