Frequently Asked Questions

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    Student Policies

    Grading Policy

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    Our certification-level classes require the student to pass a written or online exam with a minimum grade of 75%. Students who do not pass the test on the first try will be given additional guidance by the instructor and allowed to retake the exam. If a student does not pass the retest, the student may be asked to attend the class again and retake the test.

    Cancellation / Withdrawal

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    If a student cancels or withdraws registration on or before the first day of class, the Infrared Training Center will provide a full refund. All refunds shall be paid within 30 days upon written notification from a student of cancellation or withdrawal. Students receiving benefits from federal programs shall be subject to federal refund policies, rules, and regulations.

    Other Refunds: The Infrared Training Center shall provide a student with a partial refund of monies paid within 30 days if: (1) A student who withdraws or is dismissed before 50% of the instruction period shall receive a pro-rata refund (2) A student who withdraws or is dismissed after more than 50% of the instruction period shall receive no refund.

    Notice of Withdrawal: The Infrared Training Center shall require that notice of withdrawal be in writing but shall not require a specific manner of delivery.

    Transfer Credit Policy

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    Due to the short length of the Infrared Training Center’s classes, we are unable to provide or accept transfer credits for partial or incomplete classes students have attended. If a student has obtained an Infrared Imaging Certification with another provider and would like to take a higher-level certification course with the Infrared Training Center, the student may need to provide proof of current, active certification level to the Infrared Training Center for approval prior to attending a higher level certification.

    For students that complete a certification class with the Infrared Training Center, we can provide you with a copy of your certification paperwork if you are looking to take higher level certification classes with another infrared certification provider. You can contact the Infrared Training Center directly to obtain your certification paperwork.

    Student Conduct

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    Students will be expected to behave in a professional and courteous manner during training. Our instructors are tasked with maintaining order during class. Therefore, instructors, in fulfilling their professional and contractual obligations, may dismiss students from courses consistent with the Infrared Training Center policies. The training process requires some level of order to enable interactive learning. Disorder or disruption of class (such as verbal abuse or threats, physical assault, vandalism of Infrared Training Center property, intoxication, etc.) will result in dismissal from class. A student may apply to retake the class in the future, but acceptance of reapplication will be solely at the Infrared Training Center‘s discretion.

    Student Grievance

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    The person filing the grievance must be the subject of alleged unfair treatment that is related to his or her status as a student or program participant. A grievance cannot be filed on behalf of another person.

    Grievances involving academic issues are limited to final course grades and satisfactory completion of instructional program requirements. If there is incorrect information on exams or in training manuals which results in a student performing poorly during class, the Curriculum Manager must be notified immediately, and the student will be allowed to retake the portion of the class that hampered his or her ability to learn correctly.

    For grievances that are not based on academic issues, the student must submit a complaint in writing to the Infrared Training Center. The center manager and curriculum manager will review the complaint and determine what the appropriate course of action will be for an amicable resolution of the grievance. If the student is not satisfied with the proposed resolution, the student can appeal to the Infrared Training Center director for reconsideration. If after reconsideration there is no agreement, the student can appeal directly to:

    New Hampshire Department of Education
    Division of Higher of Education- Higher Education Commission
    Office of Career School Licensing
    101 Pleasant Street
    Concord, NH 03301


    Program Course Outcomes

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    The Infrared Training Center is a training facility that instructs students who are already using the technology. More than 90% of the students who attend our trainings work in jobs related to the technology. The remaining 10% are students who plan to add thermal imaging to their daily work routine.

    For our certification-level classes, students are required to take a final exam at the end of the course to demonstrate the knowledge they have acquired. More than 95% of our students will successfully complete the exam on their first try. Our instructors will work with those students who do not pass and allow them to retake the exam. Once students have passed the exam, they have completed the course and are certified by the Infrared Training Center for a period of five years.


    Do I need an IR camera?

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    We strongly recommend having thermal imaging (infrared) camera for training. Throughout the course, you will be asked to participate in camera operation labs designed to complement course lectures. Requirements for certification can be completed without a thermal imaging camera, however, it will improve your learning experience if you can follow along and participate. If attending with a colleague or friend, you may share a thermal imaging camera, but we suggest no more than three students to one camera to ensure all participants have equal opportunity to participate.

    What materials are required?

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    Students are encouraged to bring a thermal imaging camera, a tablet or laptop with Wi-Fi capability, and any supporting accessories (optics, charger cables, batteries, etc.). Final certification exams are administered electronically and will require a laptop, tablet, or smartphone to complete. Training will also address analysis/reporting software which we recommend having installed prior to training. Please note company devices may require administrative approval to install third party software.

    What software do I need to download?

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    Software will vary based on camera manufacturer. For FLIR cameras, we recommend FLIR Thermal Studio Suite. We also encourage FLIR Tools users to upgrade to Thermal Studio Suite, as FLIR Tools has been discontinued. Please note these applications are only compatible with Windows. For troubleshooting and software support please contact the FLIR technical support team for assistance: 866-477-3687 ext. 3

    How do I access my training/materials?

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    To access your materials, please log into ( From your dashboard, you will see all active enrollments and course information details.

    Can I rent an infrared camera?

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    Absolutely! FLIR offers rental cameras; pricing is model-dependent. Please contact our rental team directly for pricing and availability. 866-477-3687 ext. 1

    On-site training

    How many people will be in the class?

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    Both classroom and online courses are limited to 25 students.

    What time does class begin?

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    Classroom courses in the U.S. begin at 8 am local time and run until 5 pm each day. The final day will conclude early at 2 pm after completion of the final certification exam. Online courses begin at 10 am EST and conclude at 6 pm each day. Whether online or in the classroom, each session includes an hour lunch and various breaks throughout the day.


    What happens if I do not pass the certification exam?

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    In the event a student does not pass the certification exam on their first attempt, we allow two additional exam sittings. Students who are required to retest are provided guidance by their instructor on which areas they should focus their study efforts to best prepare. In total, students have three attempts to pass the certification exam before they are required to reattend another certification course.

    What IR guidelines do you use?

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    ITC course learning objectives, contact hours, and written exam are based on requirements outlined by ANSI/ASNT CP-105 of the American Society for Non-Destructive Testing. Recognizing the differences between NDT and PdM training needs, we deviate from the guidelines where we feel the student needs specific infrared application emphasis to produce a more competent thermographer. We are also ISO 9001 certified.

    What is a Level I Certificate?

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    Whether the subject is Fundamentals of Thermography, Electrical Thermography, sUAS Public Safety, or any other offering, students who successfully complete an ITC Level I course will receive a Level I Infrared Thermography Certificate. This verifies the student can follow ASNT CP-105 and SNT-TC-1A guidelines for thermography and, more specifically, can:

    • Operate an infrared camera
    • Collect quality data
    • Produce professional infrared inspection reports
    • Understand the techniques and limitations of infrared thermography for specific applications Level I and Level II certification courses also qualify for NETA continuing technical development credits (CTDs).

    NETA is an International Electrical Testing Association, an accredited standards developer for the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).


    Do you recommend a specific camera type?

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    Camera type will depend on your application. As a general recommendation we suggest a camera capable of radiometric imagery that can be adjusted for object parameters (emissivity, T-refl, etc.). Spot pyrometers and test & measurement meters are not recommended as a primary device for class. Specialized applications such as Optical Gas Imaging will require a FLIR GF-Series or equivalent camera.

    What is your class cancellation policy?

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    ITC offers a flexible cancellation policy where you may receive a full refund on your tuition provided you notify an ITC agent by the morning your class is scheduled to begin. In the event of a no-show or late cancellation, we will hold a class credit on file. You can apply that credit to a later training/date of your preference.

    Can I pay by installments?

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    Students can finance courses through Klarna; this option is available through the shopping cart when selecting a payment option.