Thermography Basics


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Duration: 3-Hours
Language: English
Format: On-Demand / Self-Paced Learning


Thermography involves more than just learning how to use an infrared camera. IR science, heat transfer, thermal tuning, and application knowledge are all essential subjects a thermographer must understand in order to properly interpret an image. This course will give the learner the basic information to understand these concepts.







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Learning Objectives


  • Describe infrared radiation and how it relates to other forms of electromagnetic energy

  • Explain how material properties like emissivity and reflectivity influence the image an infrared camera produces

  • Express the significant and important role of heat transfer in producing surface temperature patterns

  • Demonstrate how to obtain quality images through proper focusing, composition, and thermal tuning

  • Apply the proper image parameters such as target size and distance, emissivity, and reflected temperature when making thermal measurements

  • Examine the common applications for thermography in buildings, electrical, and mechanical systems


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