OGI Fundamentals


Tuition: $399 USD
Duration: 4-Hours
Language: English
Format: On-Demand / Self-Paced Learning


Optical gas imaging (OGI) cameras are used throughout the Oil and Gas industry to detect methane and other hydrocarbon emissions from the extraction, transmission, and processing of petroleum and natural gas. Learn the basics of optical gas imaging in this self-paced training course. Students will be introduced to the basics of infrared science, how an OGI camera functions, detectable gasses, threshold limits, and the various factors that can affect optical gas imaging surveys.






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Learning Objectives


  • Learn how OGI cameras work, what gases they can detect, detection limits and some factors that may affect your ability to see a gas
  • Review the basic functions of the GF-Series gas imaging cameras
  • Address techniques that should help to better locate gas leaks
  • Review several common applications in the oil and gas industry
  • Describe some tips and tricks that could help with your OGI inspections


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